@ViceNews : ‘I Don’t Know Why We Come': Inside the UN’s Commission on the Status of Women

Midtown New York for the past two weeks has been a colorful place, as thousands of concerned women from all over the world have been attending the annual session of the United Nations Committee on the Status of Women. The older attendees came with hopes of recreating the “fire” — as one activist put it — that pulsed through them in Beijing 20 years ago, when the Beijing Platform for Action on women’s issues was created. The younger ones came with hopes of joining an inter-generational revolution.

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@Outlook Magazine: Artful Democracy

While regime change in Sri Lanka is welcomed, its democratic merits cannot be celebrated just yet

As the old guard in Sri Lanka was dramatically toppled in the recent presidential elections, best wishes were offered not only to the opponent, Maithripala Sirisena, but to a hopefully imminent resuscitation of a suffocated democracy.

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One Drop of Blood

A fictionalized account of torture, and the intrusive search for information.

We surrendered to the Army in waves. There was a palpable relief that one act of the horror show in the theater of war was over. But we were terrified of our saviors. Exhaustion was ignored as everyone became suddenly alert, and obedient. We were ordered to remove our clothes and walk naked down a dusty runway lined with sandbag walls that protected our captor’s bodies, revealing only their eyes.  It would not be the last time I had to choose between dignity or death. Continue reading