cropped-3.-She-the-Question.jpgDevi – Archy: Drawing on the symbol of the goddess Devi as embodying both strength and consciousness to challenge multiple forms of rule.

Understanding that experiences in and around conflict will leave a mark on women’s emotional, physical, and political selves.

Allowing women to frame the terms of their resistance.

Exploring competing identities, diverse interests, shifting politics. The struggles of feminist-nationalists, activist-scholars, practical-theorists, critical-humanitarians.

Challenging current framings of women inside the developing world from the outside.

Examining the case of Sri Lanka, not as unique, but as emblematic of the parts of women’s stories that we are missing – the parts that matter the most.

 as cathartic, analytical, and a form of resistance against repression.

Creating a community of like-minded individuals, inspiring collective action.

*** Artwork supplied courtesy of Chitra Ganesh.