@ViceNews: Amid Terrorism Fears, Signs Appear of a Rift Between Young Muslim and Black Women

This piece examines the tensions between young women activists caught between intersecting identities and polarized politics. Women who are all, “at risk of surveillance and police brutality — whether they cover their heads with a hijab or a hoodie” The full piece can be found on Vice News: https://news.vice.com/article/amid-us-terrorism-fears-signs-appear-of-a-rift-between-young-muslim-and-black-women

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The Forever Victims? The Dangers of Victimizing Tamil Women

In a global moment where the conversation around sexual violence is both incessant and remarkably over-simplified, this report,The Forever Victims Tamil Women in Post-War Sri Lanka, is a snapshot study by myself and Dr. Kate Cronin-Furman that attempts to disrupt prevailing narratives on the position, and politics, of Tamil women. As Sri Lanka comes up for…

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A Visual Mockery? Trials of the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence

The “fringe” event at the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence is for those lower-level green badge holders, not quite important enough for the coveted red “delegate” level (maybe Bono and Oprah dubbed red the color of cool for humanitarianism). Nevertheless, Angelina Jolie sightings were prominent, and important conversations were taking place. Like the mock…

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