Politics of Sexual Violence Initiative

Housed at the Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership, the initiative draws on in-depth research on the intersections of gender and violence for marginalized women around the world to inform activist organizing, policy debates, and art.

The PSVI has been fortunate to collaborate with the African American Policy Forum, Apne Aap International, and VDay to extend the impact and depth of our, collective, work for women and girls.

We are generously supported by the Novo Foundation.


Vice News: Women in/at War

Short documentaries exploring the complexities of women’s politics. First segment, on Sri Lanka, to be released in 2017.

Collaborative Film Project: “ The Aleppo Project” Center for Conflict, Negotiation, and Recovery (CEU), Politics of Sexual Violence Initiative, & Lucien Castaing-TaylorVerena Paravel.

Long-form multi-site documentary project exploring the lives and politics of women in and around Syria. (2017-2019)


The Female Fighter Series: Guernica Magazine

This series, developed and curated by Dr. Gowrinathan, pairs women novelists with female fighters in Colombia, Nepal, Nigeria, and the United States to explore the lived experiences of female militants, and reveal distinctive political identities. (December 2016)

This project is generously supported by Eve Ensler and VDay


Political Conflict, Gender, and People’s Rights Project, Berkeley University

Senior Research Scholar

Advisor & Researcher on the Legacies of Conflict in South Asia Archive.


United States Institute of Peace, Missing Peace Scholar

RESOLVE Research Network; Research Solutions to Violent Extremism