Nonfiction Narrative

On female fighters, who exist somewhere between fantasy and fiction. “Of Monsters and Women”, The Female Fighter Series.

Trump: A Resister’s Guide. Commentary with Valeria Luiselli: “Terrorist and Alien.” Harper’s Magazine.

On Culture and Commentary: The Writings of Meena Kandasamy:, in Antyajaa: Indian Journal of Women and Social Change. Download essay here

The stories of 4 Tamil women woven around a critique of intervention. “Narrating Crisis in Sri Lanka”.

A tale of war, beauty and life in between, told from within three salons. “The Global Salon”,

Life inside internment camps in Sri Lanka. “Behind the Barbed Wire: Civilian Suffering in Sri Lanka’s IDP Camps”, Civic Guest Blog

Perspectives on terror, looking at the Mumbai bombings from inside Kashmir and Sri Lanka. “The Soft Power of Community Mobilization”, Samar Magazine

A first hand account of aid work following the December 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. “Refugee Babies: The Lasting Effect of Tsunami Aid in Sri Lanka”, UCLA Asia Institute

Opinion Editorials

On the political impact of sexual violence by UN Peacekeepers. “UN Peacekeepers: Keeping the Peace or Preventing It?”. Al Jazeera.

On the challenges of identity politics for young women of color. “Amid US Terrorism Fears Signs of a Rift Appears Between Young Muslim and Black Women.” Vice News.

Recording the frustrations of global activist at the UN Commission on the Status of Women. “I Don’t Know Why We Come”, Vice News.

On regime change and the meaning of democracy in Sri Lanka. “Artful Democracy”. Outlook Magazine, India.

Did the U.S. only torture men, as the leaked Senate U.S. Torture Report claims? “The Torture Report’s Missing Victims”. Foreign Affairs.

On Seeing the Violence in the Politics of a Peaceful Icon. “Aung San Suu Kyi and the Violent Politics of Peace”. Vice News.

The role of identity in female recruitment. “The Women of ISIS: Understanding and Combating Female Extremism”. Foreign Affairs.

The impact of religious extremist violence on women in Sri Lanka. “Red Pottus, Black Burqas: Identity Markers in Sri Lanka’s Extremist Violence”., Washington Post.

An examination of new forms of governance outside Sri Lanka. “Beyond the Borders of the Nation State: Can Transnational Governance Offer a New Paradigm for Political Representation“,

Commentary on the re-election of a Repressive Regime. “One Nation, Under Rajapaksa? Sri Lanka’s Presidential Election”,World Policy Institute

With Zachariah Mampilly, an analysis of the complex politics of aid in Sri Lanka.“Aid and Access in Sri Lanka”, Humanitarian Exchange Magazine

Commentaries on the last stages of the war, development, and elections in Sri Lanka as well as thoughts on natural disasters in Pakistan,


An examination of the impact of displacement and gender-based violence on women’s political identities. Gowrinathan, “Inside Camps, Outside Battlefields: Security and Survival for Tamil Women”, Oxford’s St. Antony’s International Review (May 2013)

A study on the link between militarization (as a form of state repression) and variation in participation for female fighters in the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). “The Committed Female Fighter: The Political Identities of Tamil women in the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam”, International Feminist Journal of Politics (April 2017)